Sunday, July 22, 2012

Things are moving right along this summer. I am enjoying all my customers, both the regulars and the visitors. It feels like I have a large group of interesting friends and at the end of each day, I feel satisfied with my work and content in my day's activities. The world is at my door and I am loving it. This coming week should see me spend a day making jewelry and the rest of the time in the shop meeting and greeting, hanging out being totally bead synced. So this Sunday evening as I am getting kind of goofy and a bit rambling here; I have two things to pass along:

1. In light of the horrible tragedy in Aurora, Colorado - bring your loved ones into your arms and hold them just a little tighter. Be happy they are with you. Be reminded how short and sweet life is and how we need to love and take care of each other. All the time.

2. Be grateful. Practice gratitude and pass along all the love and friendship and kindness you can.

The rainbow tonight seen as a bandaid for the world.

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