Sunday, June 3, 2012

All day long I have had tachycardia. I hate it! I do not like the irregular, annoying thumping that goes on in my chest. It makes me tired and short of breath. Causing me anxiety. I have had it! Enough, I say. Time to move on to other things, other activities. Stress can cause tachycardia and I am loaded with it now as I struggle with the decision of whether I want to continue to be an exhibitor at the Bead & Button show. I have done the show since it began over a decade ago in Portland. I loved it. All the excitement and beads and people and beads and exhibits and beads but now, after so many years of packing and shipping, setting up and displaying; I am beginning to think I am tired and ready to move on. Other things are calling to me. I want to take classes in jewelry making, writing and more. I like being in my shops and now with the new gallery opening doors for me to feel inspired to paint, I want to stay home and have studio time. When I go on the road next, I want to visit family and friends. I want to sit on a beach and read, sit on a picnic table in the woods and paint, sit on a lawn swing and knit. It is time for this phoenix to create a new reality and rise from the ashes. Stay tuned as changes are a foot and my soul is leaping at opportunity and maybe even creating opportunity.

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