Thursday, May 10, 2012


How does so much time go by between posts? Honestly, it seems like I am on line all the time between blogs, websites, Facebook, Pinterest, Ravelry and more. I think about writing my blog often but worry that I have nothing constructive to say or that I have done nothing creative and worthy of posting. Better get over that! I am working in the shops more these days and still preparing for the big Bead & Button show. I suspect that a few days before I ship my merchandise, I will have marathon work hours getting the charms and jewelry ready. We all need a break it seems lately, from all the daily hassles of life and the cruelty and politics rampant in the news. I can spend time in the garden, just a wee bit but I think the change of pace at the B&B show is what we all need. Comrades in beads, friendship in beads, a creative burst of energy in beads, that's what I am hoping for from the B&B show. Will I see you there?

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