Saturday, April 28, 2012

I have been spending much of my relaxing time in the evenings looking at on line pictures of tiny houses and alternative dwellings. I have always loved little spaces, little houses, little cabins. I lived in a little house for many years and I treasured our use of space and the cleverness with which we designed our living area. I liked the smallness and intimacy of a little home. With small spaces comes a simplifying of life. No room for this or that: out it goes. No, I am not paying storage for things I might need someday. Saving money was easier too when there is no space to put all the stuff you gathered. Things you kept were useful and had purpose or were treasured items that deserved the sacred space they used. I miss living like that and think that when I am an old lady, I will once again live in a teeny, tiny house. Maybe with a teeny, tiny fence all nestled in a teeny, tiny rural area.

Truly, I am blessed with all that I have. A studio, a home, a warehouse and a garden shed dot our land. Space is filled with things. Still it is the smallness of a home that draws me in.

Check out Tumbleweed Houses. Tiny House Swoon. So totally cool.

My current garage is larger than the home I lived in for more than 10 years. 

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