Sunday, April 8, 2012

The full moon has come and gone and along with it a surge in energy that I felt every where I went and in every thing I did. Incredibly bright, the light from the moon helped me sleep. I find it very comforting to open my eyes briefly at night and see the moon light streaming through the venetian blinds. There was no wind, warm air was moving into our area and we have enjoyed two, count 'em two days of sun!

I wish I had some pictures to show you of work that I have done but having been in the shop for the last six days and all I have managed to accomplish is being in the shop. I have tomorrow off though so I am going to hang in the studio and try to finish a drawing and make a few things.  Tonight I actually found some energy and straightened out the warehouse a bit. With the new shelves from Regina in there, things are easy to put back into their places if only I would do it at the time! When customers visit and shop from the warehouse, it is so much easier to have it be all neat and tidy.

Spring is filling the air here in Port Townsend and already I am envisioning a garden and flowers and sitting on the front porch knitting on warm afternoons. ( Not too warm though, the mid 70's will be just fine. ) I have even purchased plastic glasses with palm trees on them for ice tea parties on the porch. I can hardly wait!

So in ending this rambling post, I am hoping your Easter Sunday was filled with the blessings of family, friends, sunshine and good food.

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