Thursday, April 19, 2012


There are days when life just does not seem right and maybe laying in bed for half the morning or all day, feels like a good idea. You can get to falling so deeply into your imagined troubles that you forget to count the blessings you have. Today a friend reminded me to look at life and remember the blessings. I don't think she meant to cause me deep introspection but she has been in the hospital for four ( FOUR ! ) months with no end in sight. Friends and family visit her, she reads, embroiders and wonders when she will be better. I wish I lived even a little closer to her so that I could sit and chat with her but tomorrow I will gather things up for a care package for her and along with it send my love and wishes for recovery. Her reminder today, to be grateful for my health, for being able to make a decision to stay in or get out of bed, to tell her I love her, has been able to refocus my thoughts and helped me count my many blessings.

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