Saturday, February 18, 2012

This little window on the world opened up yesterday morning over the Olympic Mountains. This is the view I see from my side deck. The mountains make me feel strong, refreshed and clear my head as I look at them. It is not often during the month of February that the mountains lift their cloud skirts and let us see them in all their glory.

This has been my corner in the ballroom at the Windmill Inn at the Tucson Whole Bead Show. I think I have been in this spot for sixteen years? Maybe more. Now, a change has come and I will be moving myself to the True Bead True Blue show at the Doubletree Hotel at Reid Park in Tucson. This was a choice I did not want to make as I liked the show I was in but the promotor decided to move the event to a different hotel in a different part of downtown. Gone would be the light, bright venue that I was used to. I like doing Tucson and showing my charms and jewelry down there but a new show had to be found. I will make new friends there, ( I already know many of the vendors ) and I will be in a hotel that is beautiful, clean and bright. Lots of parking, a big park across the street, restaurants nearby,  and in a part of town that is just plan pretty. I will get used to new show rules, a new group of potential customers  and a new attitude. Energy will be revitalized and already, months away from the dates in 2013, I feel excited to be making a change.

Change is good even when it was not expected. I have always been a person that believes if a door closes, a window opens. I am a person who also believes that if you are unhappy in a situation or someone makes your life unhappy be it for a few days or longer, you can make a change. March to your own drummer, do what you love, send out your energies to those that appreciate them. In short, be the change you are wishing and hoping for! With love on this gray, wet Saturday night - Lois

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