Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pictures from out of Time.

Nothing much to post this evening and nothing really much to say except that the energy around people and places seems very intense. I don't mean to be all new age like on you but so much seems to be going on in the world and with people that I feel as if I am in a time warp and things are moving ahead and around me as I stand still and say, " whaaaat? ". Weird. The clouds are different. The weather is different. I am not. I feel a change coming and I am almost sensing the direction it is coming from but I have not fully turned in its' direction. My path is seeming clearer as to what I want to do with the creative energy that flows through me. There is a direction I want to take but that first step is awesomely scary. Do you feel it too?

Resin hearts, an experiment with UV curing resin.

Handmade charms in patina free copper.

The pepper for our salad with seeds forming a perfect heart.

Our pretty dinner salad.

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