Friday, January 13, 2012

Crazxy Busy

The days are flying by at an ever more quickening pace as I get ready for my big show in Tucson. Things will be shipping soon, in just a couple of days, and I do not feel the least bit ready. If I sit down to work, I am easily distracted by making things for the store or finishing a drawing or housework or playing with Daisy or making dinner or..... endless. Life inspires me and conspires to slow me down in what must be accomplished. Will I see you in Tucson? More than any amount of business I will do down there, I want to see friends, meet old and new customers and feel an inclusion in the incredibly magical world of beads!
Desk view, assembling my toggles.

Toggles in yellow & white bronzes.

Believe. An inspiring word for me as a toggle in white bronze.

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