Monday, November 21, 2011

We are in the midst of a big windstorm tonight blowing in a week's worth of rainy days. There are strange, squeaky noises coming from the sliding glass door in the living room and flashlights stand at the ready in case the power goes out. We are blowing steadily at 35 mph and are expecting gusts to nearly 70! Blustery is such a humorous word to describe this evenings' blow. From all my years of living on the beach in this area where I worried continually about the house blowing away or the bulkhead washing out, the wind still unnerves me and I am agitated and pacing most of the night.

 Somedays success is a figment of my imagination and I end up feeling like I could chase it for a 100 years and never attain it. Today feels like one of those days. In my head, even though I might be physically making jewelry, I am painting. Big, colorful pictures in clear crisp layered paints. I am lusting for paint. I feel like I will not be breathing until the brush is in my hand and paint is smeared on a palette
ready to be splashed across a canvas or paper. Inspiration is in my every waking thought and soon, I will need to put medium to paper and paint or fairly explode with the want of it. I guess that is the setting on fire I need.

Must close out on this night and snuggle for a while deep into the covers of my bed because soon the wind will be taking the power with it.

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