Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It is the stormy evening before my 55th birthday. Time has gone by so fast and even now, with the days being shorter and shorter, time seems to rush by even faster. I still am marveling at the age I have attained. My mother in law was right ( do you hear that mom Morello ? ), my body says 55 and my mind says 20. Every waking day feels new to me, not new as in here is a new day but new as in this life is so dang fun! Seriously, fun. I am full of a tickling energy that is just delighted to be turning 55, to be gathering experiences and wisdom to warm me in my later years. I am filling a basket with memories to treasure on cold dark winter nights. I am lighting a bright fire inside to cheer me on rain soaked evenings like this one. Summer is not so far off that I can not wish for more winter. I love the winter holidays of Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years. I love that I have a husband and children. I love my friends and the loving loyalty they give to me in return for the loving loyalty I give them. I particularly treasure the customers from my shop that have become friends over the 19 years that I have had Wynwoods. Blessings on this, my near 55th year, blessings to me, to you and yours and as always I am so grateful for this life.

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