Sunday, October 9, 2011

This Weekend

This weekend, I made some decisions. Every year fall seems to fly by in a flurry of activity after I had promised myself, all through the summer that I would linger in the season. I would spend time admiring the trees changing color, I would stroll on drizzly afternoons through the neighborhood, I would pick the apples from my over loaded tree and I would rest from the wickedly busy days of summer. And every year October would slide into November and then quickly become December and I would have missed the very season that I love best! Not this time, baby. This year, I decided to forgo my annual shop birthday sales and give myself more studio time and more time to just be in the store without a thousand page to do list. This fall I am slowing and enjoying my days. I am walking in the mornings, taking time for lunch everyday, stopping and photographing the bursting fireworks that trees become as the color changes in their leaves. Nuh uh, I am NOT going to allow this fall to get away any faster than need be. No way! I am going to enjoy every single            
breathable, do-able minute. So with all this in mind, and since the television is broken and I think I will leave it that way; I am going to just be this fall. I will just be fine. Look in on me and I will be in the shop or studio or kitchen or classroom making things. Look at me walking the neighbor hood, giving each moment the time it deserves! The time I deserve.

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