Sunday, October 23, 2011

Saturday Evening

Last evening my friend, David came over and had dinner with us. He has been a friend and best buddy since the mid 1970's. I can always count on him to make me laugh. He doesn't even know what triggers my laugh but he gives me this little sideways look and a twinkle appears in his eyes and I know he is there for me now and in the future. I gave him last year's Christmas present finally, after dinner, too. I am a terrible person who just can not manage to celebrate a holiday or birthday on the date that is given to that celebration. I gave David one of his favorite stories, The Wind in the Willows. So quietly, with a sort of family reverence we gathered around as David began to read. We were mesmerized and reveling in the simple joy of an evenings' story read. David is also an artist and soon, I will post some of his paintings. He is my gentle, misunderstood friend that I can offer shelter, friendship and a good meal to warm all our hearts. 

Even Jacob put down his ever present cell phone to listen to the story. 

I love being read to. 

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