Wednesday, August 31, 2011

This Weekend

This weekend, the very first of September, marks my return to the gallery walk circuit here in Port Townsend. It has been several years since I have officially shown my paintings and fiber work. Not since we closed Franklin House Gallery, have I regularly shown new work. My paintings, the most recent ones, will be on display in my classroom space upstairs from the bead shop. This little room is also my workroom -slash - sewing room where I create my felt banners and woolen paintings. This week it is all cleaned up but I expect that in future gallery walks, you will see my mess and the works in progress. I am a little trepidatious about this as I have no idea whether people will find me, or respond to my work which lays bare my soul, or as in the most recent past, even remember that I am a painter. Take a breath, dear self, get a grip and display your work. All along I have made new paintings and drawings but not having a gallery, they have not been displayed or framed. I have been away so long from the scene! I have to make " art speak ". I need to look arty. I need to open my head and heart to studio visitors! Oh, scary, scary!

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