Friday, June 17, 2011

B&B Exhibition !

Here is some of the work that was on display at the B&B show in Milwaukee. These flowers, all handmade silks are covered with Swarovski crystals. The work exhibited at the show was inspiring and awesome both in its' technical abilities and original designs. The originality was overwhelming. I am always a bit astounded and humbled how people, creative, unique people take the same techniques but expand upon it in such original ways that it is never once thought of as like another. 

 Although this picture is not at the top of my photographic skills, these are all individual bead worked circles, kind of like an old fashioned yo yo quilt, that were joined on this mannequin that became part of the beaded sculpture.

This beaded, embellished doll took my breath away! It was like she was draped in crystal ice and glass. She was beaded and worked on every surface and just encrusted with seed beads, crystals and a bit of silver. Plus wings!! 

I think this piece was from the Ukraine and features cabachons, seed beads, itty bitty gem stones and shaped glass beads. What a piece to wear! The drape was so elegant and the palette of blues, grays and ivory was very inviting to the eye.

More pieces that astounded and inspired me. What a great collection of stitch work!

This piece was so layered in a leaf like shape that it was airy, delicate and tremendously textured. From a tube of glass beads comes such artistry! Are you inspired yet? More pictures to come tomorrow and then I will have to show more of my found and purchased treasures.

Don't let anyone intimidate your artistic vision. Create, play, wonder, enjoy!

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