Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Muse

Bottle cap work. 

Resin work.

Sketch in the book kept by the TV.
I think that maybe my muse has returned in the form of the ten zillion projects I have going in the studio. I am working like mad on things for June's Bead and Button show but I really feel like painting, knitting and embroidering. The sunshine we have had on and off ( mostly off ) since Friday has given me a burst of energy! Thank heavens, I was seriously getting worried about myself! Creativity is all around me and if I do not partake of it, I feel dry like a desert, lost like old hubcaps along a roadway.  So, even though a regular person might look at my mess and think I can not get order out of it, I see the potential of things being finished! I am having fun! I think I was missing the sun. Me,  who lives for gray and rainy days and lusts for long, cold, dark nights - was missing the light of the sun. Amazing!

p.s. I can never figure out how to add my pictures in where I want them unless I write the blog backwards and my brain just can not fathom that concept! So please excuse the order and if you have a hint for me - please let me know!

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