Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sunday, Sunday - Taking Part in Nature

We spent Easter Sunday taking a few hours off to do something outdoors. Rain had headed into Port Townsend but up here in Brinnon, the sky was sunny and spring scents definitely filled the air with promises of more sunny days to come. These are falls that are hidden in behind the water service on the outskirts of Brinnon. They were enormous due to all the rain from this winter and the air was filled with water droplets. Gorgeous. exciting. Wild.

Then there is the moss to talk about! I could not stop feeling it with first my hands, then my face. Thick
and luxurious, you could imagine napping in it as a warm breeze wafts over you in an early summer afternoon.

 Moss grew everywhere letting you know that this is a wet area. So romantic and inviting. You can imagine fairies living in the forest, elves hidden just behind the trees.
 I love to hug trees. To feel them in my hands, against the skin of my face. I imagine the stories they can tell, the life that runs through them. The quiet strength they give to me standing together in nature. Silent prayers are always offered by me that they live long, healthy and strong protected from the businesses and individuals that would tear them down for profit.
Finally, a Rhododendron in the softest pink, our state flower that did not waste a moment f Sunday's rare sun and bloomed in utter joy and abandon.

I have to say, taking these few hours off and discovering the falls that Jacob found over the summer was the ticket for me. I needed a mental holiday, time away from the shop and studio. I am renewed and invigorated. Blessed to live in an area so beautiful. 

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