Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Around a Sunny Town

Point Hudson Marina

I thought that for an entry today on my blog, while carrots and onions are steaming for dinner, I would add pictures I took around Port Townsend on this sunny day. We, who live in this beautiful place grow accustomed to seeing the scenery everyday and almost become immune to it. I never get tired of looking and seeing all that makes this place so special. A discovery has been made by me too, although I love the gray and rain ( and my, we have had a LOT this winter ) a sunny day infuses me with energy and creativity! I never thought that I needed sun, some sun at least before!

Cormorants drying their wings on a WWII sub " catcher ".

Restored dock at Point Hudson.

Tsunami warning system. If this baby sounds, run like hell!

Dock and beach at the new Maritime Center in downtown.

Bluffs at Fort Worden State Park.

Wind swept trees right by the beach. They take the brunt of our wind storms.

Rhododendrons or rhodies, our state flower.

This color on this Rhody is yelling " spring! "

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