Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Mornings

...Are my favorite time of the week. I like to lounge in bed and read the newspapers   ( gasp - TWO of them ), watch the CBS Sunday morning show and have breakfast served on paper plates all while laying about. This Sunday is not one of those Sundays!! I am leaping about to attend to tenant issues in the apartment building I am not supposed to be managing but am, dealing with the dogs and cats and cleaning the house for Phil's return. Lounging will just have to wait!

The sun is out every now and then, lifting my mood and inspiring me with sun infused energy. For that reason alone, I am grateful. The air is clean, rarefied after the rain the last few days, crocuses are up and ready to pop and I am still scheming and planning a vacation to Panama. Will it really happen? Who knows?
Laying a heart

all things PT ( colored pencil )
shells, water, victorian houses, flowers, greens
For today, I will leave you with some recent sketchbook doodles. Have a great sunshiny, singing in the heart kind of day!

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