Sunday, January 23, 2011

Soft Nights

The James & Hastings Building - 1889
by Michael McKee
This is the building that I love, the seat of my soul, my heart's content, where many of my waking hours are spent in happy relationships with my beads, jewelry, customers and friends. I love being here and playing inside, moving things about, cleaning, displaying, futzing and more. I do not need to travel the world over to discover a sense of place, I am already here.

This picture is so glow-ful, for lack of a better word; I can make this one up. The soft, ambient light radiating out into the night on a slightly foggy evening, makes everything all dreamy and soft.

Such sadness does come over me when I prepare to leave home though. I feel a pulling to stay here and an anxiety and hopefulness to go there. No wonder I pack so much stuff to travel - I am trying to take a bit of  home, studio and self with me.

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