Sunday, December 12, 2010

Some Evenings

The newly redesigned window in the shop.

 Now that I work a bit more in the shop ( a bit? Ha! ) I see things that I can change
or redesign. My mind is always onto a project. This window used to hold the gems that needed
to be kept under lock and key, on suction cups. I have displayed that way for years but it truly
and desperately needed a change.

So Phil and I came up with an idea of wood slats to hang the stones from. He did the exacting things like measuring and cutting and I painted them a soft, pale yellow and painted either gold stars or spirals on them.

I think it gives a fresh, new look to my window.
My sweet friend Regina stopped on her way home
from work on the Kitsap Peninsula to get
these candy canes for Santa's sister's visit on

Right up until the football games started at 1:00, I had Jake all to myself. We went to a local craft show where I was able to persuade him to have a picture taken with Santa. He towered over the jolly old elf and then we did some shopping for Phil. After that we had lunch together at the Spruce Goose Cafe and really had a chance to talk. He is my sweet boy, the last of my children still at home. I need to savor every moment and of course, I am beyond thrilled that he will still spend a little time with me.

A nice dinner at home on this warm, wet evening rounded out the day. Peace.

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