Wednesday, December 8, 2010


THE gallery in Port Townsend is WYNWOODS GALLERY. That is me and is a great place to hang - my paintings - and a place I like to hang around. We are blessed to be 18 years old and this holiday season I am working like a mad woman to have more of my silver work ready for the gallery and Tucson. New pieces are back from casting, new paintings and drawings done and all round it feels good to be on Water Street in Port Townsend in MY OWN SPACE. No more co -ops for awhile. What brings all of this on? A new five year lease on my gallery and shop spaces in the historic James & Hastings Building in Port Townsend! I am deliriously happy to be doing what I love with the work I love with the friends, customers and family that have been my encouragement all these years!

Here we go with five brand new years at Wynwoods Gallery! Thank you, Lord!

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