Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Party

My fancy Sangria drink. It was fabulous!
 All the business owners in the James & Hastings Building last night had a Christmas gathering at the Galetea Tappas Lounge in PT. We were relaxed, chatting, having fun and recounting all our years in business. Michelle, Katya and I have been in a retail business since the 70's in PT! What a wealth of adventures and experiences we have had over the years. As for me, I would love to stay in this business, this spot, this retail world until my ending days. I have so much fun and an outlet for creativity in all forms. Plus, the biggest benefit is that I love being with people!
Phil in mid sentence.

Gina, Victorian Square Cafe and Michelle, PT Kids.

Frank, PT Tees.

And finally this incredible light display on the roof of a 2 story
house! It was awesome against the dark night sky. 

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