Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Yesterday While Hiding Out from Election Results

We went to Bremerton and visited with Beth who owns a bead store on Callow Avenue. I love Callow Avenue! It has an ancient porn shop, Elmo's which is everything you think an old porn store should look like, pawn shops, bakeries, offices, health food stores and way back when, was the red light district in Bremerton. I can imagine that area in WWII when the area was thick with sailors waiting for orders, training for the war. When I lived there in 1982 for a brief time, long enough to have Michael at the Naval Hospital, that old downtown area still was rich with massage parlors, bars, adult movie theaters, all mixed in with regular businesses. I know I am unusual but I liked that area then and I like it more now especially since Beth's shop is there. 
This is Pixie ( because her ears make her look like a pixie ) who is Beth's shop dog. What a sweetie.

I met Scarlet at the new consignment shop next door. Also a talkative sweetie. Beautiful bird, too.

Scarlet & I have a moment. She likes to groom long hair.
This is Beth with the basket of beads I purchased! 

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