Monday, November 22, 2010

Home Before the Snow Flew!

The first snowfall Sunday morning in Bellevue.

Lisa of ZizzyZaZa Beads and Jake laughing it up at the show.

Beads, wonderful beads, can't get enough of those wonderful beads!

Snow just beginning to pile up. Dog prints on the porch, of course!

A dog that is soaked from playing fiercely in the snow. 
We beat the snowstorm home by about 10 hours and this morning it is a winter wonderland outside. Everything is blanketed at this moment with about five inches of snow. Beauty in the treachery that is snow. Phil is stuck out on the highway about 4 miles from here. I told him to sit tight and hopefully, traffic will move, a plow will come, a sand truck will leave its load and he will arrive home safely. The storm came fast, furious, leaving us unprepared in its wake.
The one enjoying this weather the most is Daisy. It is her first snow and she has played and jumped and tunneled and rolled and finally slept, all in the snow. I have just coaxed her inside with a chew bone. She is in love with snow and through her eyes, I love it even more. Even more still, when Phil is able to get home!

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