Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Cold Evening

The day was beautiful. Sunny, clear, warmish for November and full of possibilities. Did I accomplish much? Maybe. It all depends on what you think accomplished means.

I made  jewelry, strung beads, priced some copper findings for the shop, prepared six charms for casting, painted a new shop display, did three loads of laundry, picked up one old subaru from the repair shop, shopped for dinner, made dinner, cleaned up from dinner, worked on line ( still working ) and will most likely finish the day out by drawing in the living room while watching Law & Order: Los Angeles, using the new magnifier attached to my ott lamp by my living room chair. Sigh, my eyes can not decide if they need it or not. Where ever would I be without my trusty ott lamps? Accept no imitations, they are the best by the way!

Made from odds and ends of brass chain.

A painting I hung in the shop. I love little houses!
All the while working in the studio today, I longed for a little cabin in the woods. A place to create in silence and solitude, a place free of distractions, a place to work through the stuff rattling around in my head from the awful, betraying nasty hurt of a former good friend, to the ache of missing my mother, to the why of my ways. I could explore medium and technique, metals and paints, resins and enamels. Two months would help. Hell, two days would even be good!

This is enough meandering thought in this blog tonight. I am anxious to get to the colored pencils calling to me. Good night and may you sleep with creative thoughts in your head all night long!

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