Saturday, October 30, 2010

Working Together

Step one - put it together in an empty window

Rearrange the window's merchandise.

The completed window from outside.
I had a display case stashed in my classroom that I purchased about seven years ago. It is a terrarium style, almost victorian steampunk in styling and we took to calling it the " Harry Potter case ". Thursday night the spirits moved us and we put it together! Of course, it would have helped to have had an engineering background, but together Phil and I were able to get all the metal just right, the panels of glass in and was upside down! Argh! I said we need to take it apart to turn it, Phil said no, we can do it with the glass in and with me holding glass from INSIDE the case and Phil turning, we managed to flip it over! Amazing! Amazing that we didn't break anything, scream at each other and that we worked so well together! That case is heavy! Now it rests in my side display window, I will fill it with fabulous jewelry and beads and it fits the time period of my 1889 building. Oooo, spooky, how it all came together!

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