Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Loss

Everything affects me. As an artist and crafter I can not help but to feel deeply over everything that happens around me or to me. Such was the case today when I opened our weekly newspaper, The Port Townsend Leader and saw the obituary for a friend. I was stunned. Saddened. Unable to really work today because of the depth of my sadness, my sense of loss. There are words of comfort we offer each other, there are heartfelt meaningful things we say when someone experiences a loss but nothing comforts me, nothing helps me face the void that this person leaving forever has made me feel.

Kathreen was a delightful ball of energy and warmth and caring. She dropped in and out of my life on a whim although she was very involved with her patients and career. She hugged me with gusto, joined in whatever we were doing at the moment she came by, made me richer for having had time with her and far wealthier for just knowing her.

I am at a loss to explain how a woman, so promising in her practice, so rich in personality, so loving to her friends is just gone. I can not find comfort anywhere or answers. This process of grief will take a bit but from this I have learned AGAIN, how short and sweet and precious life is. Way too short to hold grievances. Way too short to not love just being with someone. way too short to not enjoy the friendship offered by someone. I will miss her, can stop looking for her, waiting for her. I can feel blessed and honored to have known her, know that she is in God's graces but still the missing and sadness and grief moves through me for today and tomorrow and maybe even many more tomorrows. Rest in sweet peace my friend, Kathreen Gimbrere. You are loved.

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