Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Beautiful Day

A beautiful fall day greets me this morning. I have already had an early morning walk with Daisy and Regina and managed to snap these pictures at a foreclosed home in my neighborhood. The house looks lonely, neglected and sad but still among all the overgrowth in the yard and weeds are these little bits of beauty and color. 
Wild Roses - beauty still blooms on a foreclosed home

Red leaves that stood out in a sea of green
The weather is getting ready for a change, already a breeze is blowing in, heralding the coming of rain and gray days. Best to enjoy this day while it is here.

This last picture is the most special one to me. Jake went up to our mailbox, which is in a whole line of mailboxes along our country road and drew symbols on it that he just knew I would like. Hearts and spirals, markings both ancient and new that I consider my personal totems. I just thought it was the sweetest thing!

Tomorrow or even later today, I will post pictures of all the drawing I have been doing lately. Lots of inspiration for bigger paintings and charm designs, too!

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