Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Studio Work Day

A new work in colored pencil and marker in my " TV sketchbook ". I like that it has houses a common and recurring theme in my work and I particularly like the colors. One of these days I may even have to begin to title some of these pieces!

My hard working studio companions, well at least two of the three. They love it when I work out there and they can snooze. They will like it even better when the heat is turned on.

On another note, I have been in a funk all day with the loss of my friend Rusty. I remember our last visit and the kiss I planted on her cheek. I knew it was near the end/beginning for her and suddenly Port Townsend just seems a whole lot empty without her. I can not even imagine the loss her son David feels. They were inseparable. I think in my own life I need to love everyone a little more openly, a little more often and a lot more stronger. I just want to hold onto everybody.

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