Wednesday, August 18, 2010

An Old Picture - Well Not That Old!

This picture was forwarded on to me by my son who is currently visiting his half sister Paula and her family in Utah. It was taken on a winter's day long ago when Jacob was so much a baby and his niece Emily, was even younger than he was. We were all so young then, beginning our lives as family and friends. My hair was dark, my glasses big and there are genuine, heartfelt smiles on our faces. There is love there and hope and dreams and wishes for the future. It was a good reminder to see today!

There is Eric ( Phil's son ) and his wife Heather, Paula and her husband Nathan, Emily, Jacob, Phil, Michael, my oldest son when he was still in high school, Ashley, Eric's daughter still a pre-teen, and me. What a crew! What a memory!

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