Sunday, August 8, 2010

Easy on Sunday

Dabbling in the studio, finishing this little drawing and taking Jake out for a cheeseburger and apple pie, this Sunday was mellow and relaxing. The weather was cool and gray, the day moved slowly, taking its own sweet time to feel accomplished. I like a day, especially on a Sunday when I can find a moment to slow down, talk to Jake, finish little things like sewing on lost buttons, pulling a weed or two, petting all the dogs, even having Zip for a visit. Sweet.

A relaxing day in the studio, I did not do anything too thought provoking or challenging but just concentrated on making a few things to fill in my empty cases in the shop. These are Sleeping Beauty turquoise from Arizona that I strung up, one with red coral. I came across them in the warehouse today while pulling inventory for the next couple of shows. The color is dramatically blue, a color that races across the sky to fill it in with beauty. I know, the picture looks green but it is just the lighting. This turquoise is magic, I promise.

I missed posting for self portrait Friday so I am adding this photo of myself. I am not sure what happened when I took the picture; maybe I was shaking or I moved but I love that it looks like I have stars in my eyes. I always want to think of myself as someone who could and does have stars in her eyes.

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