Thursday, August 26, 2010

Busy, Busy Bustling Hustling Girl

I have been on an around the clock busy schedule these days with working in the shop 4 or five days at a time and then hopping into the studio to create inventory and then wrapping up the day in the office placing orders and doing bookwork. I am reminding myself to breathe, to move at a slower more leisurely pace but as summer winds down and turns into the fall' s stretch of quiet creative afternoons, I am thankful that I still love what I do.

This picture is from another blog and I had to re post it; I just love sunflowers!

I am calling this piece done. I can not think of one more stitch or swatch or embellishment that I want to add. I will take it to the frame shop tomorrow on my way to work. The round wool shapes make me think of balloons and the whole village, plants and water scene makes me happy. I forget sometimes how much I enjoy stitching and embroidering. As long as my fingers let me, I will keep at it. I like these fabric pictures and I already have the next design circulating or percolating in my head.

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