Monday, July 26, 2010

Today's Studio Work

This is what I created today while working in the studio before the heat of the day got to me. I made earrings, bracelets and window ornaments for the shop. I had company though; three too hot black dogs all folded into various sleep patterns on the carpet. We are having summertime warm days here and although it is relatively cool compared to the rest of the country; it is hot for this area that sorely lacks air conditioning.

All of us had to take a " pool break " at about 4 just to wade, and in the case of the dogs, drink in the kiddie pool. The water was so warm, it reminded me of the water in the creeks I waded in during the summers growing up in Pennsylvania. Even the kitties sat in their little outdoor rec area to watch us.

I have two paintings going right now in the very beginning of themselves. I also have been drawing nightly and knitting. All of this is being done in a lazy summer way where all I really want to do is lay under a tree or be at the beach.

I also have lots of new copper pieces cut out and ready to either be made into charm masters or assembled, altered jewelry. Who knows where that will take me? Pictures will follow

Until then, Lois

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