Friday, July 16, 2010

To Friends!

My friend Milinda has left and Lita has come to take her place in my home. The summer has been a whirlwind of activity with shows, friends visiting and of course, being in the shop. I remain being creative and making things for the shop but the exploration into silver and my painting and fiber work will need to wait until the beautiful days of fall. Jake will be in school, the demands of driving him here and there will be gone and my schedule will be more relaxed at the shop. I am planning on heading to Las Vegas for a week with girlfriends, seeing shows, concerts and laying by sunny pools. I think it may be a fabulous break from the routine and shhhh, might be the elusive vacation I have thought about for years!

My visit with Lita has been fun and we spent much of our time at the beach gathering rocks for her garden in eastern Washington ( I mean where else can you get the coolest rocks but North Beach in PT ? ) and laughing, working in the studio; me, making beach glass earrings and Lita playing with and compulsively sorting in all my buttons. I am once again feeling the blessings of abundance as I pull my circle of true friends closer and closer within my heart and life! xo, Lois

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