Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer's Here - A Show is Calling

The merchandise has been sorted, the packing done and the van loaded. The show set up is tomorrow and we will be designing our booth spaces in our heads all the way there. Jacob is selling some of his own merchandise and is telling me he will shop at the show to add to his inventory. Industrious kid that one - sometimes. I hate the stress that comes with doing a show and the anxiety of choosing merchandise to sell. I will take some of my charms, resin frames and my new line of brittanium pieces. I am looking forward to seeing friends again and talking with customers. I so like " visiting " with people. It is endlessly fascinating to me. Stories to collect and remember, my great novel on the horizon.


Sometimes when I draw I am looser with the image. I float an idea on paint marks and just randomly draw; my pen leading the way. It is almost meditative, reflections on my day. This has yellow, a beautiful clean, crisp yellow that serves as the surface for my drawing.

When I am on the road, whether it is closer to home or far away, I like to draw and paint in the hotel room late into the evening. It relaxes me and focuses me. Drawing and painting with a set of little watercolors reminds me that I am still the girl who dreamed of being an artist. I had no idea at the time what that meant but I knew that I had to live among the world of color and art. I think I am doing that.

Beautiful day here today. Warm, gentle breeze, not too hot, things blooming and growing, Daisy swimming in the doggy pool. I love the gloomy gray days and drizzly rain that we are famous for but the few not too hot glorious days of summer are worth waiting for.

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