Monday, June 28, 2010

Three Days Gone

A corner of the studio with sweet smelling rosemary and my concrete rooster keeping watch over the doorway. Today my sweet hubby had a marvelous idea concerning the studio and I am going to begin talking and thinking about it so that the process will take place.

We have talked for the last several years about building a new warehouse. The one we have now is just too small. Just this afternoon, Phil said, " why don't we build a new studio and we can use the old studio as a warehouse! " Now does that sound marvelous or what? He said I could add skylights, a bathroom and all the other things I have lusted after in a studio. Maybe even create a place to store my finished and framed paintings! I am so excited! There will be much talking about this, planning and dreaming and sketching and lining up all our ducks in a row but in a couple of years... Wow! A girl can dream!

These are new resin pieces recently done and all but the two cathedral type window ones are made with garage sale jewelry as a base! I am trying to train my eye to look at " stuff " differently and figure out how to apply it to my work. I love the idea of up-cycling what someone has discarded as outdated or unloved and giving them a new life. Resin is amazing stuff! I can use it on paper, in my frames, in objects like spoons and the backs of old deep brass. I don't think I will ever tire of it!

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