Wednesday, June 23, 2010

To Lasting Friendship

Here are my delightful luncheon companions from this afternoon. We enjoyed a wonderful lunch at the Belmont Hotel and sat on the deck overlooking the beach. The sun was out, it was maybe 70 degrees, the winds were calm, the birds calling to each other and the ferry came and went several times. It was our farewell - see you next summer - lunch with Keith.

This is my long time friend, Keith who now lives on an island just off the coast of Panama. He is the reason I have my shops in the James & Hastings building in Port Townsend. Just over 15 years ago, he invited me to be a tenant in his building, he owned it at the time, and I said yes, on one condition. I would be there in a flash if he promised that we would not have rats. You see, a little secret about my original shop space is that it was over run with rats and pigeons! When I began to date Phil, I asked him to crawl in the muck under my building, the totally unrestored Lewis building, and place out rat poison. When he agreed, i knew I should keep him around!

I will miss my friend and it will seem an eternity until his visit next summer but time will pass and soon we will be sharing a year's worth of stories, gossip, adventure and inspiration.

Ah, friendship. Truly one of life's pleasures!

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