Monday, May 17, 2010

Up at Dawn

One of those early mornings, the house is all quiet except for the gentle snores of the dog, when something pops me from my sleep and makes me wake up. No, I am not ready to give in and be in the day but I make myself get up, splash a tea bag with hot water and honey, head to the studio and begin.

There is much to do, getting ready for the big Bead & Button show. Castings to finish, polishing, sorting, pricing, tagging, compiling and signing, it all waits for me to get it done. It is the best! I love it all, this day of full work. I will be posting pictures tomorrow. Until then a pleasant evening to you and a terrific tomorrow! xo, Lois

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lisa said...

Ahoy Lois, I am trying to comment on your spendiferisnous. You still awake? L