Thursday, May 20, 2010

Possible Progress

Ho Ho - a new crow! I do love the crow and lately I have been spending much of my drawing time sketching these smart, ink black birds. I think this guy looks content and wise, keeper of treasures, holder of secrets, clever dancer in the sky. I am still working like a furious mad woman getting things ready for Bead & Button. I have so much new work! These last few months have been very creative for me! Maybe tomorrow I will get the pieces pictured and posted in my new metal.

Ancient details, ageless symbols of mankind's presence on earth decorate this resin frame. Spirals, a symbol that is as old as the history of man and as contemporary as today, symbolize the feminine in society. It is often the woman that holds the stories for her family so it became important to put this symbol on this piece. I am fascinated with spirals and see them everywhere and include them in all aspects of my art and craft works.

Heart frames. One of my favorite images over the years has been the heart. So much is kept in the heart, love, joy, family, friendship, life. When I began to think of making resin frames in sterling and bronze, I had to do a heart, to get to the heart of the matter, so to speak. This one is large enough to hold a whole love story or the embrace of a family. I thought someone could make this into a piece of jewelry or an ornament for the Christmas tree. A small place to keep a big treasured memory.

This is what a collection of my resin frames looks like, all polished up and priced; ready to be packed into baggies to ship to B&B. They make me sigh with all the possibilities they possess. All the things that someone can preserve in them from photos to memories. I would love to see the finished pieces, the little life stories someone captures and holds in a silver frame.

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