Thursday, May 13, 2010

Know what this is? It is a bead embroidery project on my desk at the moment. It is a felted rock, all soft and dressed in warm shades of gray and brown. My plan is to encrust it with beads and barnacles of crystal and glass. I want it to be the jeweled rock a mermaid would keep on her dressing table. I just need to work it in around other projects that must be done for Bead & Button. Stay tuned!

I can not resist one more photo of beads. Lovely beads. Piled high on a tabletop at the PT bead show. Just seeing their luscious colors and bumply- smooth - cool textures makes me want to lay my cheek upon them and feel their gemstone coolness against my face.

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Elaine said...

How cool that rock is going to be!