Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bead Show Weekend - here we go!

Yippee Kai Aye A - says Lisa who is watching me post this. I have been incommunicado all week due to this rotten and unexpected cold. I feel like I am awake from a long snooze and although I am not quite well yet, it is time for the Port Townsend Bead Market this weekend. We, Lisa and I, are holding it in a new location this year; the third floor of the old Elks building, above the Silverwater Cafe. The view from that room is spectacular! You can see as far as you dare and believe me, the view to the water and beyond is awesome! The show opens tomorrow at noon and runs through Sunday at 4. I hope to see everyone there to admire the view and the beads!

A charm bracelet I assembled with some of the new chain I have purchased for this weekend's show. I just used all the odds and ends floating on my desk but I think the color palette works well.

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