Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I know, it is a bit of being a braggart but remember the song, " FAME" ? " Remember my name, I want to live forever.... " Disco days from so long ago that even now when I think of something I have done and it is in print; that song runs through my head.

Truly, I feel blessed, excited and grateful ( to Interweave Press & Beadwork magazine ) to have included some of my charms in their Editor's Picks 2010. I am thrilled to the point of clucking that my chicken charm is included in the layout. I still get such a charge out of drawing, painting and crafting chickens. Chickens and crows are my two favorite birds!

Now, I can hardly wait for the new charms to be back from the casters and the platers. It will be another thrill to unveil them at Bead & Button in June!


Elaine said...

One more time, Yay for you! I can't wait to see the magazine and thanks for offering to save one for me when they come in. Sounds like a magazine I can use, if I ever get my act together and start making some things!

Jim said...

I have to come in and get a chicken charm - and ONLY that, of course. Marlene