Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Busy Girl!

Creativity is to my day what breathing is to my body!
New charm design masters are done and heading to the casters tomorrow. In sterling I will have new birds and crows and in pewter, I will have new heart shapes. I am excited about all the new designs and since I have been doing so much drawing lately, I just have the best feeling that even more designs will be in the pipeline!

Today was a beautiful day here in the northwest in a way that only this area can seem to be. It was not cold, not warm, not windy, not rainy, not sunny. It was a beautiful shade of light purple gray and the flowering plants in my yard gave the light and color the day needed. I love unpredictable spring but I confess, I am really wanting to hit the road and end up in New Mexico or Arizona. I want to sit in the dessert and think, be quiet and recharge.

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