Friday, March 19, 2010

This is the view from above of the lobby area to my shops. I refer to it as the embellishment shop and it is its' own little nest of texture and design and inspiration. I love my shops. Spending time there is not work, it is play and delight and socializing with friends and people soon to become friends. I hope that I make everyone a friend and welcome them to their creativity when they enter my playground.

When I spend my days working in the bead store; everything is up close and personal. Last night looking down from the mezzanine above the shop, everything looked different. A new perspective. I thought you might like my bird's eye view, too.

Last night at the shop we had our annual trunk show in our classroom upstairs from the bead store. All the amazing stones and pearls and silver and glass and other fabulous trinkets were on display that I purchased in Tucson and beyond.

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char said...

Your shops look like a treasure trove I would love to explore. Hope this year is a good year for you.