Friday, March 12, 2010

This Face

This face belonging to this old dog loves me. She does not care if I am overweight, over stressed or over tired. She would do anything for me. Anything to make me happy. I love her with all my heart and know that her days with me are drawing to a close. The cold rainy weather this morning made her groan in pain with getting up from the floor. Her tail never stops its happy thumping. She understands what I am saying when I speak to her. She will still try to dance with me when I play music for us. She will sleep all day contentedly in front of the heater in the studio while I move about making things. She is a joy to behold, a delight in my life, a laugh when I am troubled. The best friend ever a girl could have!

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Shelly said...

I did something I have never done before......have you ever looked at the tool bar and just clicked "Next Blog?"

That's what I just did and voila, I ended up here,maybe because my blog starts with a B and yours starts with a C? Don't know!

Very cute "fur baby!" Aren't they the best! Love that face. I have two dogs,black lab and a Golden (in the sidebar in my blog if you want to stop over and see them!)

Your journal is pretty!

Have a great day, I'm home from the crud, normally work in a shop on weekends!
Stop over and say hi if you'd like!
Nice "bumping" "clicking?" into you!