Monday, March 1, 2010

It is getting on late in the evening and soon I will be heading into the black velvet of what will hopefully be a very sound sleep. My mind is spinning and having difficulty wrapping itself around the huge earthquake that Chili has experienced. The astonishing speed at which ones' life can change in the blink of an eye, the fragility of the life we make here on earth, the tenuous connection, the barest whisper of a thread that keeps us in day to day life.I am saddened for the families, the businesses, the country for the experience they have had and will continue to have for the years to come. I am powerless to effect a change here, we are all powerless in the face of mother nature. Nature can nurture us and yet still cause such devastation as to bring us to our knees.

So before I head into the sleep I am longing for, I will have a prayer upon my lips for Chili along with the prayers I whisper every night for family, friends and Haiti.

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