Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Pieces for Tucson

When I decided to create new designs for Tucson this year, I took comfort in familiar images and designed around things that made me feel happy and at peace. In these troubling times, a comfortable image is like a good friend, always there beckoning me to its' center. This once again is a house image with a shallow frame so that resin or glass could be added over an image. The back is decorated with spirals, hearts, radiating lines and dots. I haven't photographed them on the prettiest surface but I like them none the less. I sure hope Tucson is fun, sunny, welcoming and prosperous. I can hardly wait to see old friends, family ( Barb & Bob ) and meet new people!

A heart shaped resin frame in white bronze that I have strung with an assortment of my chain, beaded links and this fabulous silk that I will be selling in Tucson, from Vietnam. I have been admiring all the jewelry work done with fiber lately so I decided to try my hand at it when this ribbon turned up. How fun! It made me think outside my usual comfort zone.

This is one of my new center pieces from my house series. I do not know what it is with me and house images but they show up a lot in all my work. This piece I am calling the house dangler. It is two sided and cast in white bronze.

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