Thursday, January 14, 2010

I am safe, loved, warm in my home. Water runs from my faucets, heat comes forth from the vents in the walls, food is available in town only 7 miles away. Not so for the people of Haiti. I don't think any of this has ever been true for the people of Haiti and definitely not in the aftermath of the earthquake. I am sick, heartbroken at the devastation, the injured needing help, the desperate cries of mothers separated from children, the lack of daily needs. They are hurting and we can help. I have made a small donation to Doctors Without Borders. You can do the same. Google them in and go to their website. You can use a credit card. Even $10 will help. As you run through this life where every moment is a blessing, pray and give to those less fortunate. YOU can make a difference. Now. Do it. This moment. And thank you. xo, Lois

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