Tuesday, December 22, 2009

This is Beckett Point where I lived for a long time in a very small cabin with my son Michael and when he was home from the sea, my ex husband. I loved my little 400 square foot house right on the beach. Small, cozy, cedar lined interior walls; I loved that place. I let it embrace me even as I lived my days there. I learned to love the wind as it blew year round across the straits and then over the spit. I grew up there, became an adult there. Fell in and out of love there, met my friend Bud there, whom I miss terribly even to this day. I painted, knitted, gardened, fished, chopped wood, read, crafted and wrote about my days there. Even now when I dream of home at night; it is to Beckett Point I return. Do we ever forget our first home away from home, the place we left our childhood?

May this holiday season, which feels gray and lifeless to me, find you nestled in your home in the loving arms of family doing the things that make you happy and content.

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